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Tech Support and Computer Repair

HofNet technicians are available to service and repair, or analyze and resolve a problem you have on your computer, network or peripherals.


This rate applies when one or more of our technicians are requested by you to come to your location to analyze and resolve a problem you have on your computer or network that is outside of our maintenance agreement.  Note that all hourly rates include drive time to and from your site.
Onsite Support Rate: $65 per hour



This rate applies when our technicians works on a computer or other peripherals that your have brought to HofNet for In Shop Support. This applies to computer repairs, virus removal, reformat and operating system re-install, software install, computer data save, or other related in shop computer or networking issues.
In Shop Support Rate: $45 per hour, $30 Minimum Fee

"Important Tech Support Tips"

  • Keep your computer and yourself happy by protecting it with a good Virus Protection Program such as Norton, Trend Micro or AVG. Then to ensure protection we advise you have the program check daily for on line virus definition updates and that the program is running a daily virus scan on your computer.

  • Protect yourself and your computer from the outside world by installing a quality router.

  • Have your computer serviced at least once a year. Dust buildup on the processor, power supply, and motherboard will cause excessive heat and computer failure.

Phone 217-342-6201



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